Hummingbird Hearingcare are now offering hearing tests and check at our clinic based in Walkden.

Why have a hearing test with Hummingbird Hearingcare?

We all experience the changes that come with age, but did you know there are other factors which can lead to hearing loss? Factors like loud noise exposure or illness may damage our ears over time. Additionally, medication might cause problems in this department too! Hereditary conditions such as gene mutation have been shown connected with greater risk for developing progressive forms of sensorineural hearing impairment later on life—and even trauma has an effect if it happens recently enough.. The good news is prevention through early detection because treatments exist so visit your local Hummingbird Audiologist soon before any irreversible damage occurs.

A lot of people do not want to admit that they have a hearing loss but we assure you that you are not alone. We regularly have our eyes and teeth checked and having a hearing test is just as important.

Hummingbird Hearingcare Walkden

Hummingbird Hearingcare offer FREE hearing tests in Walkden and offer the best hearing aid brands at the most competitive prices.

Hearing tests - The facts

Without a doubt, hearing loss is one of the most overlooked and underestimated issues in our society. Many people wait up to 10 years before they get tested for it! The longer you wait before taking action against your potential problem with sound reception; The worse will become its effects on both mental health as well as physical wellbeing The sooner we diagnose these problems early-on than later stage disease - which can cause much more serious complications down along line.

Keeping your hearing healthy helps not just how you hear but how you feel about life and your general well-being. Over time, hearing loss can impair the brain's ability to process sound and recognise speech.