Hummingbird Hearingcare are your local independent hearing specialists based in Wigan. We use the latest techniques and technology to provide hearing care tailored to your individual needs.

We are continue to be classed as an essential service and have been advised by the government to provide our continued services without interruption as hearing is an extremely import aspect of our health. This is because reduced hearing can significantly impact mental health and your quality of life.

Straining to hear, missing jokes, children laughing, mishearing words from people wearing masks in public areas, it all increases frustration. Now, more than ever, you must look after yourself and eliminating stress wherever possible is an important part of it.

Whether we are removing earwax or providing a hearing health check. Our ‘COVID 19’ hygiene standards exceed requirements, if we see you at your home or at one of our practices across the North West.

Hearing Aids Shevington

What are some of the causes of hearing loss?

  • Part of the ageing process
  • Long term exposure to noise
  • Hereditary factors
  • Resulting from illness or infection
  • Reaction or adverse side effects to medication
  • Injury
  • Earwax
  • Listening to loud music

Is hearing loss linked to the progression of dementia?

  • In short, yes, a ground-breaking study by Johns Hopkins and the National institute on Ageing has been published in the journal of the American Medical Association linking the two.

How do I persuade a loved one to consider a hearing test?

  • Chose a place which is private and quiet. Speak clearly and not too quickly will help.
  • Listen, understand and be empathetic. Mention your concerns and listen to your loved one’s concerns and let them do the talking so that you can see it from their perspective.
  • Share how their hearing loss impacts you and the family. Offering guidance and support and that you will be there for them can help them overcome the initial barrier to better hearing.
  • Discuss the benefits of being able to enjoy the things they love again - like music.
  • They may feel nervous about going to a Hearing Test – go with them, at Hummingbird Hearingcare we love to see significant others join us for the hearing health check appointments.