Hearing Aid spares and repairs in Northwich, Cheshire

Hearing Aid Repairs Northwich

Hearing aids are pretty incredible. For their tiny size, they contain many sophisticated parts and perform multiple advanced functions. If you believe that your hearing aids need repairing, try these steps first.

The most common hearing aid issues

If your hearing aid isn’t working correctly, these simple steps may help.

Be sure you have switched on the hearing aid. Although this may seem obvious, it’s worth checking, especially if your hearing aids are relatively new and you’re getting used to wearing and operating them. Also, ensure the volume control is at a suitable and audible level. You may have accidentally turned it down.

For hearing aids with disposable batteries, check that you have inserted them correctly. Test your batteries or try new ones. Please check that you have sufficient charge in rechargeable devices. If your hearing aid batteries don’t last very long or the rechargeable aid doesn’t hold its charge, then it can indicate that you need a repair.

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Hearing Aid Repairs Northwich

Hearing Aid Maintenance Northwich

Hearing aids will serve you well, and there are a few things that you can do to make sure they stay in good order and keep working well.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

Hearing aids are most reliable when you keep them clean. As hearing aids are such tiny devices, earwax and other debris can become trapped in the smallest holes and spaces. You can prevent excessive wax build-up from clogging the microphone and sound ports by cleaning the device with a clean, dry tissue or cloth. Trapped earwax can result in static sounds or feedback whilst in use.

Dry Hearing Aids

Continued exposure to moisture is a significant cause of damage to hearing aids. Open the battery compartment overnight to dry it out. If you exercise a lot or perspire heavily, it might be sensible to use a hearing aid sleeve or a sweatband. Another means of keeping your devices dry is by using a relatively inexpensive hearing aid dehumidifier which can help to extend the life of your hearing aids.

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