Treat your hearing to some love this Valentine’s Day

February the 14th is fast approaching and for many of us our thoughts may be turning to Valentine’s Day and […]

Age Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in older people, also known as presbycusis, can result from a combination of genetic, environmental, and age-related factors. […]

Why should you get your ears tested if you are having difficulty hearing

Getting your ears tested is important if you experience difficulty hearing for several reasons: In summary, regular ear testing is […]

Are hearing aids worth the money?

With household bills and the cost of living dominating the news for the best part of year, when it comes […]

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How does hearing affect your dementia risk?

Dementia: the number one health concern Today, as people generally live longer than ever before, dementia is the health concern […]

Hearing Loss Affects Physical Activity, Study Finds

Hearing loss in middle and older adults is associated with lower physical activity, an English study has found. The results […]

Protect your ears this Bonfire Night

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Protecting Children’s hearing at Halloween

Protecting children’s hearing during Halloween festivities is of paramount importance. While Halloween is a time for fun and excitement, it […]

What age should you get a hearing test

The appropriate age for getting a hearing test can vary depending on individual circumstances, but there are general guidelines to […]

Foods that contribute to better brain health

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