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Our initial hearing test usually takes about 15 minutes, should you then require further examination we will invite you back for another appointment which typically takes an hour. This allows us time to fully listen to you, to carry out the various measurements, and to properly explain them to you. It is really useful if you can bring a family member or friend with you to the consultation, we would definitely encourage it.


Hearing Aid Shevington

Our Audiologist will ask some questions about your general health, hearing and family history to build up a picture of your needs. This is your opportunity to tell us what is troubling you, times when you struggle and what outcomes you hope for.Our Audiologist will then examine your ears to assess their health internally and externally and may conduct a test to check the condition of the middle ear, the mobility of the eardrum and the conduction bones.

You will then be asked to listen to sounds through either ‘over the ear’ or ‘in-ear’ headphones to find out what you can and cannot hear.

You may also be asked to listen to speech in varying degrees of background noise, and to repeat back what you can hear.

The Audiologist will then explain the results and what they mean for you and your lifestyle. They will recommend a treatment pathway which may or may not include hearing aids.

If hearing aids are recommended then you will be able to find out about all the options available to you, and any concerns can be addressed. We are open about our pricing, so you will receive a quote with all the details noted. At Ash Hearing Centre you will never be ‘sold to’, ‘pressurised’ or ‘persuaded’ to make a decision you didn’t want to make. Our clients enjoy an exceptional level of care and attention at all times.