Earwax Removal

£60 for the appointment (one ear or two)

Consultation fee of £30 will be charged should no wax be present.

There are a number of techniques that can be used in isolation or combination to remove problematic wax or foreign bodies from an ear canal.

These include microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation. We will examine both your ear canals taking into account your medical history and the position and the nature of the material in the ear to determine the most suitable technique(s) to use and will explain and technique(s) used before carrying out any individual procedure.

Hummingbird Hearingcare offer a full earwax removal service from our clinics based in Winsford and Walkden.

Due to the reduced service now being offered by the NHS, you may struggle to get an appointment. If you require more information or would like to book an appointment, contact us today and one of our fantastic audiologists will be happy to help you and your hearing requirements.


Microsuction is our preferred technique for wax removal. Using a video endoscope, or a binocular operating microscope which allows depth perception and magnification makes it easier to look into the ear canal. Using a sterile suction device at a low pressure we gently remove the wax in a safe and comfortable manner.

Occasionally we may need to use other techniques to remove hard wax. Using a microscope allows us to always see what we are doing and avoid touching the inside of the ear canal which makes the process safer and more comfortable.


Ear irrigation is an ear cleansing method to remove a build-up of earwax. An ear irrigator is used, rather than a metal syringe, to reduce the risk of damaging the ear. During the procedure, a controlled flow of water is introduced into your ear canal to clean out any material.

While irrigating your ear our hearingcare professional may hold your ear at different angles to ensure the water reaches all parts of your ear canal.

We do not recommend ear irrigation for people with certain medical conditions and those who have had eardrum tube surgery.

Earwax removal services from Hummingbird Hearingcare - get in touch to find out more

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