You should always factor in the 5 key points below when choosing your hearing aids.

They have to sound right

If you go to a busy restaurant it shouldn’t matter if it’s noisy – you should still clearly hear what people are saying. If you are watching TV or using a phone, speech should be clear and easily understood. In summary the hearing instruments have to bring the user clarity, not just volume.

5 Key factors for choosing hearing aids

They have to feel right

If you’re going to be wearing something in your ears all day every day, they have to be comfortable; if they’re not comfortable the likelihood is they won’t be worn. And if you’re not wearing them, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ they are, if they are not in your ears they can’t help you!

They have to look right

Many clients are concerned about the way their hearing instruments look in the ear; they feel a stigma associated with hearing aids and choose not the wear them as they feel self-conscious. And again, if they’re not worn they can’t help you – so it’s vital that the cosmetics of a fitting are addressed, if that is a concern of a potential wearer.

They have to be easy to use

Some clients can find some hearing instruments ‘fiddly’ i.e. difficult to get in and out of the right position in ear or have trouble changing batteries or cleaning them. This could result in the aids not performing correctly, or even not working at all.

They have to be priced right

There’s no point in having a recommendation for a hearing instrument that doesn’t suit your budget because of course if they’re not affordable you could end up leaving a consultation still not having had your hearing problems addressed.