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Most of the time, hearing deterioration occurs gradually. This means it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when you’ve started not hearing as well as usual.

Hummingbird Hearingcare in Shevington off a no obligation free hearing health check that can help you keep track of your hearing health and give you peace of mind.

Hummingbird Hearingcare looks at just how straightforward it is to have a hearing test, as well as providing crucial information like recommended frequency of checks and how to help loved ones manage their hearing-related symptoms.

Our audiologist Samuel will answer any questions and help you protect or improving your hearing depending on your results following a 1-hour hearing assessment.

Hearing Aids Shevington

Should I have a hearing test?

Because hearing loss is so gradual, it’s not always easy to notice if you’re not hearing as well as you used to. Here are some signs you can look out for:

  • The TV is too loud for other members of your family
  • You find it difficult to keep up with conversations when there’s background noise
  • Chatting on the phone is tricky even when the room is quiet
  • You feel like people are mumbling a lot, and you have to ask them to repeat what they’ve said.

Often it’s your loved ones who notice a hearing loss before you do – so they might hint that you’re finding it difficult to hear too.

If you think you have had a sudden hearing loss, or have a loss which impacts one side significantly more or fluctuates, we recommend seeking medical advice before a hearing assessment.

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