Empowering people to hear and communicate better. For 75 years.

In 1946, the Bernafon story begins in a telecommunication factory near the Swiss capital city Bern. 75 years later, we celebrate our brand's jubilee and reflect on past achievements and the opportunities ahead. Check out our anniversary page, regularly fed throughout 2021.

Bernafon offer the best all round in terms of affordability, speech in noise, smart phone integration.

Bernafon offers a range of high end products and services, including:

  • High performance products
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Outstanding support
Encanta Family

Meet Bernafon Encanta

It’s your hearing and here at Hummingbird Hearingcare we want to make it work for you. Bernafon Encanta’s exceptional sound quality helps you live the life you want to lead so you can enjoy the conversations, details, and moments that make life worth hearing.

The Bernafon Encanta Family

At Hummingbird Hearingcare we understand hearing requirements are as individual as you are, encompassing your conversations, phone calls, music, and the connections you make with people and sounds in your environment. Hummingbird Hearingcare and Bernafon Encanta helps you live the life you want to lead with exceptional sound quality. And clear options to match your lifestyle and budget.

That’s why we stock Bernafon hearing aids that have been created to perfectly suit and meet your specific needs.

Encanta 100 CONNECT

Encanta 100 is ideal for talking with one person and will enrich your connections at home with family and friends.

Encanta 200 GO

Encanta 200 is great if you’re out and on the go in noisy listening environments.

Encanta 300 ENGAGE

Encanta 300 will help you fully engage in conversations with a group of people.

Encanta 400 PRO

Encanta 400 has you covered no matter how noisy a situation is or how many people are involved.

Connect with confidence.

Talk on the phone, listen to music, stream sound, have a video meeting – all with comfort and ease. Encanta gives you connectivity you can count on.

Your hearing is in your hands with the Bernafon App. The easy-to-use app gives you everything you need to get the most of your hearing aid. You can control your hearing aids volume, personalise, your sound, get remote counselling, and connect to, your favourite devices – all from your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.