We’ve had the pleasure of helping some amazing clients with a wide range of hearing issues. Here are some of their kind words on the service we provide.

“A perfect service which I would highly recommend.”

“Sam’s approach to my mum was caring and professional. At 88 she is a little confused at times but he explained the hearing test and was so patient; he put her at ease throughout. A perfect service which I would highly recommend.”

Leslie Halsall

“I have nothing but praise for the team at Hummingbird”.

“I have nothing but praise for the team at Hummingbird. These were to be my first hearing aids and I was more than a little apprehensive of taking the step. However, Sam and his team were able to use their vast experiences to clearly explain my type of hearing loss, specifically relate to the effects this loss was having on lifestyle both now and in the future, and recommend the best devices for me. I would thoroughly recommend Hummingbird for their experience, level of personal service and after sales support.

They first provided me with some demo devices configured specifically to my hearing loss. I wore them for a week or two that allowed me to experience a many situations of day to day life. When I first put them in everything was a bit loud/sharp (a little bit like when you’ve been wearing ear plugs and you take them out). I could hear a pin drop, plates and cutlery rattling …. all a bit harsh. But ears are clever things and adjust accordingly, and over the course of the trial period I’d started to forget I was wearing them. The turning point for me personally was when I noticed one my young kids asking me a question, then repeating it almost instantly. I’d actually heard it the first time, so it became apparent they’d also adjusted their behaviour to accommodate my hearing loss. They’d simply got used to asking me everything more than once … or even not at all. I’ve now used the hearing aids for over 2 months and the kids will now joke with me if I forgot to put them in. I won’t look back.”


“I just can’t recommend them highly enough”.

Hummingbird Hearingcare recently tested my hearing and confirmed my suspicions that I was in need of hearing aids. The test was very easy and straightforward and Mr Owen was very patient and explained things to me very clearly. When my hearing aids arrived he made sure that I was quite comfortable with them, helped me to practise removing and inserting them and ensured that I was able to change the batteries etc.
I’ve worn my Bernafon hearing aids for a month now and just had to write to say how wonderful they are and what a difference they have made to my life already. I expected them to be a nuisance and to take ages to get used to but that’s not the case at all. The tv is now turned down much much lower, I can hear when the bread-maker beeps to say the loaf is ready and people don’t mumble after all !

“I just can’t recommend them highly enough”


Mary Firth

“I will be forever grateful”.

“I have been using Sam’s audiological services for the last 8 years. I’d struggled with my hearing for along time so I decided to get my ears tested. Sam was very professional and quickly identified the extent that my hearing had deteriorated & provided me with a solution that was truly life changing. I will be forever grateful”.

Jamie Appleton

“Become a hugely beneficial part of my life”.

I visited Hummingbird Hearingcare for a free consultation and hearing test.  Sam Owen carried this out in a most professional and kind manner, taking extra care with a problem of pain in the top of my ear which he photographed for me to take to an ENT specialist.

Although I was unaware of any hearing problem it transpired that I did indeed have a significant hearing loss – these things creep up on you without your realising it!  Sam provided me with discreet perfectly fitting hearing aids which have easily become a hugely beneficial part of my life.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hummingbird Hearingcare who will determine if there is any hearing loss and if so, will recommend  positive solutions”.

Yvonne Lawrence

“Very impressed with the service

“After thorough discussion of my hearing problems and examination of my ears, Sam explained that the treatment I had previously been receiving was potentially doing harm. A visit to the hospital ENT department confirmed this and a new treatment regime has now been set up. Very impressed with the service“.

Mike McIntyre

I’d never had a hearing test before visiting Hummingbird Hearingcare.  I was slightly apprehensive as to what would take place, but in fact found the whole experience most interesting.  Mr. Owen explained all the procedures as he carried them out, showing me the results on his screen as we went along.

As it turned out he decided that although there was a very slight deficiency it wasn’t enough to warrant using hearing aids for the time being, but I shall certainly re-visit him in a year or so to keep an eye on things.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a free and interesting consultation.

Norma Barlow

“It is a great advantage to be able to contact the same person who fitted your hearing aids should something go wrong”

“I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Hummingbird  Hearing Care, It is a great advantage to be able to contact the same person who fitted your hearing aids when something goes wrong. Having moved to Hampshire to stay with my daughter during the Corona crisis I realised that I had forgotten to bring the accessories with me, especially the wax filters. On contacting Hummingbird I was quickly supplied with replacements by post; I don’t think that would have happened with any of the big High St suppliers.!”

Anne Hammond